Ahh yes, a true barber. Not a hairstylist from unisex salon. But a familiar name of the person who cut your hair and gave you the best shave of your life. Might have been Sal. Frank or Bob. And they knew your name as well. Right as you walked in the door you were greeted and felt instantly comfortable. The barbershop was your place; it was where you belonged. And you could always be yourself in the shop.

There is a shop and a barber like that today on Bullard Ave in Clovis CA. The owner and head barber is no doubt refined – but she’s also a bit rogue. Cocky? Ehh, more like confident. And always honest. Most importantly, she has a passion unrivaled by anyone else in the barbershop trade. She’s a straight shooter who speaks her mind and won’t tolerate bores or BS. Quite refreshing really. Her name? Megan Heath. Her shop? Megan Heaths Barber Shop.


Once you get to know her, over time, you’ll feel she’s got your back. And, truth be told, she really does. Because she’s the woman who’s responsible for saving the barbershop from extinction. When others were taking the salon route, Megan stuck with the tried and true. Because she saw the need for the service and had (still has) a passion for the experience. And where new barbershops are bringing a sense of an e-bay antique collection to their shops, Megan has curated what has come to be known as a Barbershop museum – complete with a depth of tradition and knowledge that is unrivaled in this industry today. You might say that she has embossed her name into the rich and storied history of the barbershop trade.

Reflecting on why barbershops are experiencing a strong resurgence, Megan says it’s about being able to recapture the true spirit of being a man. Salons just don’t have that. It’s about providing a place where men can relax, converse, breathe and power down (no cell phones during your visit please).  Over time, organically and appropriately, Megan Heath has built such a place for men. She has created a safe haven with an edge that evokes the barbershops of yesteryear. Megan has managed to blend the old with the new, giving her barbershop a twist with today’s technology applied to established grooming techniques. This whole thing is a reflection of a passion that ties directly to the work she loves. In fact, if you’re too uptight, you might not make the cut. But more than likely, it’ll be an experience you’ll wish you could take home with you. And with her new products you can do a bit of that. But come join her for a haircut and a shave, and a taste of something rich and warm like smooth Irish whiskey. Come celebrate what it is to be a man with Megan Heath – your barber.






Included: On-time appointment, precision haircut with professional product, finished with a hot lather straight razor neck shave and the original choice of barbers - bay rum.

Beard Trim with Razor Line-Up


Traditional Hot Towel Shave


Two hot aromatherapy infused steam towels, preshave oils and hot lather with menthol cooling balm and bay rum aftershave. All preformed with an SS Japanese straight razor. 

Hot Towel Shave with Haircut



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