Guys, You’ve Done the Bachelor Parties! But Have You Done the MAD MEN Event?

MAD MEN Events at Megan Heaths Barbershop will bring out the GQ in you and your entourage.

Women have historically enjoyed bridal events at the salon and spa.  But when it came to the guys the typical bachelor events took place, until now.

Here in the Central Valley sits an old-school barbershop that is bringing back the memories of yesteryears.  The Mad Men Event will brings back the nostalgia of the joints of days gone by where men would lay back for a shave, get their hair tightly cropped and, in some cases, crack open a brewski or two.  Today, the world is your oyster when it comes to planning a modern-day barbershop bachelor party.  So guys gather your entourage for an evening of shaves and trims. Muster up a flight of your favorite whisky, beer, scotch, gin or what ever wets your whistle.  Drop in your favorite beats and make an evening of getting groomed.  Head into the night in your new dapper mad men style to another of your favorite city haunts.

And, if the mood strikes, well… who knows where you and your entourage can head to next!


Whether you’re getting ready to hit the town for your bachelor party or need individualized attention on your wedding day, look no further than our MAD MEN EVENT.  Let us get you and your guys looking your best before your big day or night out. For more information on our MAD MEN EVENT or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 559.325.2889

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